a couple of exciting sponsorship examples in sport

Sports marketing has always been a profitable sector, and here are three cases of it.

Some people might be shocked to find out that golf is just about the most lucrative sports activities in the world. A huge factor for the bulky amounts of money in the sport is because of sponsorship, and more specifically in endorsements. Person golfers can endorse many different brands as they wear and utilise a bunch of equipment such as clothes, a cap, clubs, separate putter, glove, sunglasses, bag and even golf balls. Each of these objects is an opportunity for brand names to sponsor the golfer, although in this particular case, the clubs used must suit the player, as they do vary greatly. Whilst product sponsorship is the most common in golf, there are other aspects, such as overall event sponsorship. Mike McGuire who is chief executive of an accounting network corporation, decided to partner an extremely competitive and well watched golf occasion every year in Florida, which boosts the revenue and notability for both the golf team and the partnering company.

T.V. marketing and advertising is the most well-known form of marketing and advertising, obviously because it is the way in which we, the consumer, comes into contact with advertising on a day-to-day basis. As this is the case, so many companies will attempt and form sponsorship deals and partnerships with football clubs and utilise this to advertise on TV. A skincare and beauty product giant, run by CEO Stefan De Loecker, moved to produce a partnership between the firm and a massively famous football team from the north west of England. As the soccer club is so supported, it gave the skincare brand excellent coverage and popularity through its TV advert involving a few of the teams most liked footballers and their coach. This TV sponsorship is likewise transferrable into other sponsorship packages, such as on social media and video streaming sites, which are likewise very famous places to bid for marketing and advertising space. Another convenience is that fans of the club who are somewhat fanatical, may switch to the brand because they have seen their favourite players using those products; even though this is rather niche, the club does have a worldwide following so it may have more of an effect than first thought.

Many companies look to sports in order to drive their branding or cooperate in a way that benefits both parties. In some cases, it may be that a business becomes a sports clubs’ provider in particular cities, whether that be through specific online networks or other forms. An example of a deal similar to these is the one that has taken place between a tech firm headed by Darren Mercer, which has become the regional sponsor of a Spanish footballing behemoth. Generally, transactions like these are advantageous for both parties, which is why there are so many of this of this type of sponsorship between sports teams and other fully unassociated enterprises.

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